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Organic Chemistry (coming soon)

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Organic Chemistry

Our Organic Chemistry lessons are now available as individual lesson downloads! 
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Organic Chemistry (version 2.01) is a complete, college-level course delivered in a learner-centered approach that includes videos, verbal, and narrative format with appropriate animations. The presentation is delivered on an eight CD set (Windows*and newer MACs with Microsoft Office compatibility) and on a sixteen DVD set (for DVD equipped computers and DVD players with televisions). Organic Chemistry is designed to support any two-semester organic chemistry textbook.  Students may progress at their own pace and review topics as often as they like. The revised version of the course is now available on CDs and DVDs.

What is new about version 2.01:

Several terms have been updated: 

  • Revisions have been introduced to some of the nomenclature rules
  • Zaitsev has been introduced and is noted parenthetically to the older Saytzeff
  • A transition is being made from the older calorie and kcal to Joules and kJ with both being shown as the energy units in order to follow the general chemistry lines
  • The concept of the stereogenic center or stereocenter to be used along with chiral carbons is introduced
  • Enantioselective synthesis favoring formation of a single stereoisomer (Noyori and Knowles) is included
  • An introduction to FTIR is found in the IR unit
  • Fullerenes have been added to the aromatics
  • Prions are discussed in the protein unit
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